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Bismarck, North Dakota, 58501  


Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia, l969. Philosophy. Teaching Fellowships 1966 through 1969.  Ph.D. GPA: 3.94. Dissertation Title: “Whitehead’s Metaphysical Aesthetic,” Arthur Berndtson, advisor.

M.A., Emory University, Atlanta, 1965. Philosophy, English minor. Full fellowship stipend awarded towards master’s work, 1960. Thesis title: “An Analysis of the Validity of the Rational Proofs for God’s Existence,”  Charles Hartshorne, advisor.

B.F.A., University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, cum laude, 1977. Visual arts major with ceramics concentration.  GPA:  3.85.

B.A., Hope College, Holland Michigan, 1960. Double major: Philosophy and English.

Secondary Teaching Certification, University of Wisconsin--River Falls; Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 1963.  Renewed for Life in North Dakota, 1974.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, New School for Behavioral Studies, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Dakota, 1971.



Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of North Dakota, 1972-1975.

Founder and owner, Voskuil Violins, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1983 to present. Construction, repair and rental of violin family instruments.

Founder and President, Solearth Corp., Bismarck, North Dakota, 1979 to 1989.  Passive -solar, earth-shelter home design and construction.

Co-founder, North Dakota affiliate of NOCIRC, the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers, 1991 to present.

President Elect, Board of Directors, Dakota West Arts Council, 1991 to 1993.

President, Dakota Academy for the Arts, 1985 to 1987.

Board of Directors, Bismarck Art and Galleries Association, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1984 to 1987. Long-range planning and education committees.

President, Board of Directors and charter organizer for the Storefront Food Coop, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1984 to 1988.

Director, Dakota West Fine Arts Center, Bismarck, North Dakota, 1982-1983.




     Disassembling the Mantra: Part/Whole Equivocation in the Category of the Ultimate.” Process Studies, 2001.

Hartshorne, God and Metaphysics: How the Cosmically Inclusive Personal Nexus and World Interact.” Process Studies, 28/3-4, 2000.

     Discussion of Palmyre M.F. Oomen’s Recent Essays in Process Studies.” Process Studies 28/1-2, Spring-Summer 1999.

Change and the Unsurpassable: A Gender-Conscious, Process Introduction to Philosophy, An Introduction to Philosophy textbook.

     “From Genetic Cosmology to Genital Cosmetics: Origin Theories of the Righting Rites of Male Circumcision,” Circumcision, a Virtual Journal, 1997, or http://www.boystoo.com/history1.htm

     “From the Goddess to God,” The Compleat Mother: The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding, 1994. Examination of the change from female to male-centered metaphors and explanatory mythologies.

     Grace: God Is Not Free Not to Love,” Dialog, 1977.

     The Logic of Death,” Dialog, 1976.

     “Of Aims and Education,” Dacotah Quarterly, 1976.

     Ethical Meaning’s Theistic Implications,” Dialog, 1975. 

     “Some Philosophical Ideas in T. S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’,” North Dakota Quarterly, 1972.

     “Locke and Hume on Personal Identity,” Dianoia, 1969.

      “The Relation of Transmutation and Omniscience in Whitehead’s Cosmology,” Dianoia, 1967.

 Belle Lettres:

     “Silofilling,” North Country, 1975, poem. 

     “Limbo Intra Ipsa,” Dianoia, 1968, poem.

     “Marten’s Nighthawk,” a short story about operating a pea-cutter, and poem, “Unnamed,” Opus, 1960,  

     “Epimetheus,” poem, Opus, 1959.

     “The Deep,” poem, Opus, 1958.



     “Rethinking the Violin Fingerboard Material,”  Catgut Acoustical Society Journal, 1995.

     “An Improved Violin Plate Bending Jig,” Catgut Acoustical Society Journal, 1994.

     “Mode tuning for the violin maker,” Catgut Acoustical Society Journal, Nov. l993, with Carleen Hutchins. Online at: http://www.catgutacoustical.org/research/articles/modetune/

     “Do I Hate Women?” The Compleat Mother: The Magazine of Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding, Fall 1992. Psychological and philosophical reflections on the effect of patriarchy and its negative influence on child-rearing.

     “Tactual Art,” North Dakota Arts and Crafts Council Bulletin, 1976.

     “Education or Miseducation,” Saturday Review, 12/16/67, letter. 




         Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of North Dakota, 1969-1977. Department Chair, 1972-1975.

         Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND, 1988 to 1996.

         Lecturer in theology/philosophy, University of Mary, 1989-1992.

         Instructor, Philosophy Department, University of Missouri, 1966-1969.

 Public Schools:

         German Teacher, Bismarck High School, 2003-2004.

         Substitute Teacher, Various subjects: English, Art, Math, Industrial Arts,
French, etc., 1986-1990, and 1996 to 2003.

         Artist-in-Residence, Bismarck Public Schools, 1982-1983.

         Visual Arts, 1977-1981, Sauk Prairie Schools, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.  (Also taught a Wisconsin Teacher Inservice course: “Cancer in the Classroom.”)

         English and German, 1965-1966, Cameron, Wisconsin.

         English with Forensics, 1963-1964, Spring Valley, Wisconsin.

         Visual Art, English, Science, Physical Education, 1960-1961, Wyanet, Illinois.

 Great Plains Institute of Theology (Western North Dakota):

              Faculty, 1986 to 1993. (The Logic of Worship--Theology and Process Philosophy).



Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Logic, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Independent Studies, Environmental Ethics, Feminist Ethics.

UND Honors Colloquia: Alfred North Whitehead, Introduction to Philosophy.

Humanities: Various literary and artistic topics.

Dissertation and Thesis advisory committees.

Secondary Courses Taught: English, German, visual arts, mathematics, general science.



     “Circumcision: Origin of Its Cosmetic Necessity.” Part of a panel on Genital Integrity and the Language of Policy and Practice in Maternity Care for the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1998,

     “Towards a General Theory of Violin Eigenmode Tuning.” International Symposium on Musical Acoustics 1998. Leavenworth, Washington, 1998.

     “NonConsensual Ritual Genital Mutilation: Cultural Bias and Legal Remedies.” Presentation at the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Convention. Part of a panel discussing Policies and the Body: Perspectives on Cross-Cultural Body Modifications, Wash., DC, 1997.

     “From Genetic Cosmology to Genital Cosmetics: Origin Theories of the Righting Rites of Male Circumcision,”  Third International Symposium on Circumcision, University of Maryland, 1994.

     “The Ontological Argument: What Anselm Did and Did Not Establish, or So That is What a Philosophical Proposition is All About,” at the North Dakota Association of Philosophy and Religion, Jamestown, North Dakota, 1994. 

     Discussed philosophy with Chinese philosophers at eight Chinese universities in Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai, 1993.

      “Sexual Abuse Begins with Routine Infant Circumcision,” at the North Dakota Alliance for Sexual Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Fargo, ND, 1992.

     Read original poetry at North Dakota’s Centennial celebration, 1989.

     “The Metaphysical Logic of Quant(um)ization and Its Suggestiveness for Scientific Conceptualization,” at the Minnesota-Dakota’s Academy of Science Convention, Fargo, North Dakota, 1976.

     “Process View of Personal Identity and God’s Relationship to the World.” A presentation at Moorhead State University, Philosophy Department, Moorhead, Minnesota, 1976. 

     “The Logic of Death.” A paper given at the Spring Conference on Religion, Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1975. Was also a  participant in a panel discussion on “Whitehead’s Relevance to Theological Issues.”

     “The Metaphysical Foundations of Aesthetic Judgment.” Presentation at a Fine Arts Seminar, University of North Dakota, 1975 and 1977.

     “The Environmental Ethic.” Lecture at the American Audubon Society, Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1972.

     Lectured on various topics on aesthetics, science and theology at Unitarian Fellowships, Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1973 to present.



Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Violin Mode Tuning.

     Ceramic Testing Procedures: A Laboratory Manual.

     The Art and Science of Solearth Construction.

     Verbals Can Make Sense: A New Analysis of the Logic of Verbals and Intra-ordination.

     Physics, Metaphysics, Quanta and the Conservation Laws: An Essay on the Foundation of Post-Modern Physics.



     Juror for annual visual arts exhibit, “Festival of the Arts,” Bismarck, ND, 1988.

     University of Wisconsin, Baraboo: “Annual Area Art Instructor’s Exhibit,” ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, 1979

     Juried North Dakota Traveling Art Exhibition, “Menhir,” Mixed-media sculpture, 1977.

     University of ND Art Gallery, Grand Forks:  Sculpture, ceramics, prints, 1976.




         Charles Hartshorne, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin, deceased.  

         Robert Mullins, Former Professor of Philosophy, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, retired.

         Jon Martinson, Former Dean of University Parallel, Bismarck State College, Bismarck, North Dakota.

Fine Arts:

         Donald Miller, Chairman, Ceramics Department, University of ND, Grand Forks.

         Jacqueline McElroy, Former Associate Art Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, and Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of North Dakota, retired.

 Violin Making:  

         Carleen M Hutchins, Executive Director of The New Violin Family, Former Executive Director of the international Catgut Acoustical Society, violin maker, researcher and world-wide lecturer.

         Paul Manulik, Principal Violist, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Suzuki instructor and owner of Tertis model viola made 1983, and a 16 1/2” viola made in 1995.   


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